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  Hey there and welcome to Bento
& Starchky, the only online comic scien-
tifically proven (by scientists)* to purge
your flesh of all impurities and set your
house on fire.** I'm your friendly host and
cartoonist zer0 and this is my underground
burrow, protecting me from nuclear attacks
and the government's fiendish mind-rays.
Make yourselves right at home!
  Just use the buttons on the right to read
the latest comic, download some nifty
desktop backgrounds or check out the
F.A.Q, if for some inexplicable reason you
feel the need to find out more about me.
Also, feel free to send me an email by
clicking on "E-mail me"! I hope you will
"enjoy" the "unique" "experience" that is
"provided" by "Bento & Starchky". Lurve!
*Not actually proven by scientists
**May not happen or just be a blatant lie
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