The fabulous Smoking Mountains of Wubwug

I cannot
be seen.

I cannot
ride bikes.

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I really, really, really hate getting a
ton of spam and other useless shit sent to
me on a daily basis. So, in order to make
things more difficult for the spambots, I've
decided to publish my email adress in the
form of a .GIF below. So just type in the
adress you see there in your email and I'll
be sure to recieve it in no time. Oh, and
the "0" in "zer0" is a zero. And not an "o".
The "0" in "zer0" is a zero.
Feel free to send me love, hate,
questions, suggestions, job offers and big
fat monetary donations. The last two in
particular would be nice. Peace, svenne.
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