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This rant is a continuation of Dec's previous theories on the origins of the Computer God and its plans for mankind. This time, we have reached the "true history" of World War II and the Computer God's real reasons for initiating this conflict. In keeping with Dec's earlier rants on the Computer God's concocted- and-manipulated world history, it is again the Polish people who are forced to bear the brunt of history's ills. And, much like in earlier rants, the Nazis are mere proxies in the Computer God's over-all plan to create a world-wide Jew-mulatto race living under eternal Frankenstein Slavery!

  Readers of Dec's material will no doubt have noticed that two recurring themes are those of glorification and vilification. According to Dec, Polish people and their culture are superior to all others and single-handedly responsible for creating civilization as we know it. Jews, on the other hand, are endlessly vilified by Francis and described as being directly controlled by the Computer God in its attempts to destroy Slovenic-Polish civilization. The advent of WWII must therefore have added more fuel to Dec's fire. Imagine: here was this unimaginably evil enemy (the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler) that actually was planning to completely exterminate the Polish people and culture. Seen from this perspective, it is understandable why Dec would have fervently hated the Nazis with a burning passion that likely culminated in him volunteering for military service during WWII.

However, the Nazi rise to power and crimes against the Polish people also presented a paradox for Dec's addled mind, resulting in apparent mental stress giving rise to what can best be described as a conflict of interests. On one hand, the Nazis did invade Poland to commit atrocities against its people, but on the other hand they also committed the same horrific acts against the Jews! Dec seemingly could not reconcile this conflict. Seeing as how he perceived the Jews as "in" on the conspiracy against him, he was unable to accept them as victims of the Nazi Holocaust. The result, as visible throughout this rant, was that his hatred and paranoia combined to meld his two most hated enemies together; resulting in a weird amalgamation between the two. The result? Nazi Jews, of course! It hurts my brain just thinking of how this line of reasoning is even possible.1

Please be warned: The contents of this rant, though utterly bonkers, are bound to be incredibly offensive to many people. Also note that my illustrations are not attempts at defaming or ridiculing any of the groups of people slaughtered in this horrible conflict, nor at making light of their suffering! Rather, I have attempted to create my illustrations based on Dec's point of view, drawing WWII as he would have viewed it inside his mind. My illustrations are therefore not meant to make fun of any ethnic groups killed in WWII, but instead of the sheer lunacy in Dec's beliefs. I may sound overly politically correct in stating these things, but I just wish to make them absolutely clear as I do not want to be associated with anything what so ever that Dec says in this rant! Hence; please remember that Dec's opinions are not my own, nor are they in any way held or shared by me! 2

This rant features another audio recording by this Fanclub's Ted Torbich. I hope you'll enjoy it!

1 Dec wasn't the first person crazy enough to think of this idea, however. See this article for more info.
2 Check the disclaimer for more info if you have not done so already!

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ALL Religions are untouchable CON ARTIST deadly
gangsterisms on Frankenstein controls

   Nazi Jewmany
occupied Poland in 1939. Hitler JEW gang made Nazi JEW HANS FRANK total governor of Poland with his JEW gangs, provinces rulers, high Gestapo, military S.S. etc. Many of these Nazi Jews lived in the luxurious city site JEW GHETTO of the capital city, Warsaw. ALL DURING WWII, AS ALWAYS, like ALL European cities, Warsaw had a luxurious JEW GHETTO section, similar to JEW CENTRAL $$$$ PARK SECTION in New York City, JerUSAlem. By 1943, Jewmany was doomed. Kosher USSR offered secret treacherous TOTAL peace treaty to Nazi Jewmany, giving Jewmany ALL 1941 borders, including the lands of USSR SLAVE ALLY, Poland.

     BY 1943, VIRTUALLY ALL of the SIX MILLION POLISH PEOPLE WERE EXTERMINATED in experiments to build the C. God SECRET Stairway to the Stars, by the Computer God MASTER RACE FRANKENSTEIN RADIO HEAD WORSE DEADLY ELECTRICAL JEW DISEASE in the entire history of the

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"Hitler JEW Gang made
total governor of Poland
with his JEW GANGS..."


The USSR Army neared its’ 1941 borders. COMPUTER GOD evacuated hundreds of thousands of the TO BE BURNED ALIVE JEW DISEASES, who operated the Nazi HUMAN MEAT FACTORY EXTERMINATION CAMPS and also ordered the camps ripped down for secrecy. AT THE SAME TIME, in 1943, the LUXURIOUS CITY SIZE WARSAW JEW GHETTO WAS ADDING NEW SECTIONS.
     In the world-wide Communist Gangster Computer God fabricated farce history and thousands of COMPUTER GOD Frankenstein Radio Head JEW parroting puppet Hollywood movies, Jews were persecuted, all propaganda conspiracy of C. God OVERALL PLAN.


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"...Many thousands of Polish people
were killed IN SACRIFICE TO


     The 1944 Polish
Armia Kryowa Warsaw Uprising
is one example of the continuous C. God world- wide deadly extermination conspiracy, ALL DURING WWII, against the valiant Polish Military; from Artic Narvik, to desert Tobruk, especially, unbelievable valiant capture of Monte Casino. Still very large and clear, engraved in the sidewalk entrance of gigantic Battle for Monte Casino Polish Military Cemetary, I excerpt the first few words.PRZECHODNIU POWIEDZ POLSCE…Mr. Dec states: “Powiadam, mawet do niewolnikow, nawet na odleglych planetach, i caly swiat.”.

     In 1944, the Polish Armia Kryown, Warsav Uprising, lasting several months, wherein many thousands of Polish people were killed IN SACRIFICE TO TREACHEROUS JerUSAlem and JEW CHURCHILLAND with ABOVE CRIMINAL LAW, NAMELY, “PRIVILEGED” CAMOUFLAGED KOSHER ROYALTY.


The Polish Army, over 10,000 fully automatic weapon military paratroopers (which were more than enough military to exterminate all Jewmany armed forces, in or near Warsaw) were treacherously withheld from the Warsaw Uprising, in blatant treacherous disregard of planned and signed agreement and instead flown to a treacherous “quickly” Market Basket Operation DEATH TRAP in France, IN A DEADLY TREACHEROUS CONSPIRACY WITH NAZI JEWMANY, MORE THAN SIXTY PERCENT OF THE PARATROOPERS WERE SLAUGHTERED BEFORE THEY REACHED THE GROUND.

     This lowest treachery was to ATONE to kosher USSR for Poland’s complaining that the COMPUTER GOD JEW CONSPIRACY already robbed over seventy-five percent of Polish lands, giving them to the WORLD WAR ONE COMPUTER GOD CONCOCTED JEW BASTARD USSR MELTING POT, even robbing all of the large Minsk Province, AS SOON AS WWII WOULD END, to be annexed by the USSR.       
( Spring 1984 )


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     To confuse with and to detract from the gigantic 1944 Polish Armia Kryowa Warsaw Uprising, YEARS LATER, Computer God concocted and fabricated the 1943 BUBKIS Jew Warsaw Jew Ghetto Uprising, based upon a few hours of burglarizing ransacking of expensive provisions (for the black market) by a few card carrying Communist deadly gangster JEW teenagers in the JEW Ghetto of Warsaw. The BUBKIS leader was a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD JEW KID and is now a wealthy kosher bosher duktur in Kommy Poland.

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"...GINNY POPE PIUS XII... not only
partook of all of the Polish human
products, such as human frozen
and preserved meat, leather
shoes, even human soap, but also
worked in conspiracy with the


     WWII ended and a few Nazi JEW Jewmany leaders were brought to trial and hung.
Even in the detailed filming of the trials, these Nazi Jews sneeringly maintained their total innocence; stating that they simply carried out orders, REPEATEDLY POINTING TO THEIR HEADS (INDICATING THEIR FRANKENSTEIN EARPHONE RADIO). Especially vehemented, were six star Field Marshals ROSENBERG and GOERING, also claiming the trials were persecution.

   They all stated in details that the entire MAFIA (Catholic) RELIGION from the rectum and cunt lapping, a true aROMA, FAG, DRUG ADDICT GINNY POPE PIUS XII, to the lowest priest, not only partook of all of the Polish human products, such as human frozen and preserved meat, leather shoes, even human soap, but also worked in conspiracy with the Gestapo, especially in chicanerously, quietly rounding up the six million innocent Polish people exterminated, with con artist claims of work jobs for the Nazi war effort and how the Gestapo with the lowly gangster Ginny Pope Pius XII gang arranged that felon priests, such as murderers, burglarers, rape sodomists etc., instead of prison such felon priest were made KAPOS, TRUSTEE SARGENTS (CON ARTISTS) in the HUMAN MEAT FACTORY EXTERMINATION CAMPS.


     In chicanerous conspiracy, GINNY aROMA FAG POPE PIUS XII, by EDICT, had all bars of Polish human soap deep engraved with R.I.P. (Rest In Peace), with the underlying reason, to maintain a silent terrified conforming population in all of the Nazi empire.


It is well over a hundred years ago, since ALL of Jewmany was slowly, piecemeal carved out of Poland Slovania by the COMPUTER GOD in the RISE OF THE JEWMAN CITY STATES from the C. God original FIRST NIGER HOUSING JEW INFESTATION POPULATION EXPLOSION of the C. God worse deadly ELECTRICAL Frankenstein Radio Head JEW DISEASE in the entire history of the Universe. Judean nigers, lowly illiterate apes from the desert mountainous wilderness of Ethiopia.

   AFTER BRINGING THE JEW DISEASE TO EUROPE, THE COMPUTER GOD CONCOCTED THE VERY SIMPLE YITTISH LANGUAGE, A UNIVERSAL DIALECT FOR ALL JEWS, easily inculcated by the C.God through the C. God Frankenstein SKULL CAP, to the parroting puppet JEW DISEASE. The Jewmany “German” language is COMPUTER GOD, updated, expanded, modernized YITTISH language for the COMPUTER GOD population explosion of the degenerate hybrid JEW GERMAN RACE ( the OVER-ALL PLAN ). The differing Jewmany dialects, from the North Sea, to the yokel lower Austria, prove this fact.


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It is time for the USSR to let Polish armed forces regain and reannex ALL of East Germany and thereby, Poland will regain some of Poland Slovania’s heartlands from before recorded history. In this way, the USSR can bring Polish people in East Germany, now forced to pretend they are Jewmans and most important, by so doing, forever end the fear of another COMPUTER GOD MANIPULATED deadly Jewmany expanding disease empire. It is time to change back ALL of the simplified Jewmany named to the original elite Polish Slovanian names of cities, provinces, etc,.

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"...The exactness, detail and
demeanor of their boastings
gave me good insight."


C. God two provocation death traps for Mr. Dec. Several years after WWII, in Brooklyn Law School, Mr. Dec eavesdropped on the TWO EX-NAZI JEW JUDGES from Jewmany, as they boasted to crowds of TEENAGE DEADLY GANGSTER FRANKENSTEIN RADIO HEAD PARROTING PUPPETS, JEW STUDENTS (approx. 150 a class).

   These Nazi JEW JUDGES in detail explained that virtually ALL of the Nazi Jewdiciary was JEWISH like the Gauleiders, etc., naming names and places in detail, even explaining how the guut JEWdiciary gave the lands of the Polish exterminated people to deserving, relatives and friends, throughout Jewmany. The older sneeringly vicious Nazi JEW judge SOLOMAN, did not even gyrate his JEW name for camouflage. The exactness, detail and demeanor of their boastings gave me good insight.


Where is the worldwide news media, especially the Kommy Kosher “TRUTH” (USSR, PRAWDA, newspaper) to expose these systematic horribly brutal deadly crimes against the human race by the Nazi JEW JEWMANY, made possible soly as Frankenstein Radio Head worse deadly gangster JEW ELECTRICAL DISEASE parroting puppets for the worldwide deadly Gangster Computer God Over-All Plan, a worldwide JEW mulatto race.

"The TRUE History of Nazi Jewmany" - by Francis E. Dec
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